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Bad Habits That Reduce Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to understand why outdoor air quality might not be the freshest or healthiest. However, when it comes to indoor air quality, many people assume that they’re breathing fairly clean air. Sadly, that’s oftentimes not the case.

When trying to improve indoor air quality in Glasgow, KY, Instant Aire Heating & Cooling recommends against the following bad habits that can adversely affect it.

Waiting Too Long To Change Your Air Filter

Many people assume that because replacing an air filter is such an easy task, that it’s not important to do. However, there’s no faster way to wreck your indoor air quality than to put off changing your air filter. Checking the filter at least once a month will help prevent excess buildup of dirt and debris. If you have an indoor air quality system, keep in mind that you may have more than one filter to check.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Household cleaners, body care products, paint, and other items often leave bad smells. Unfortunately, that bad smell can be more than a temporary nuisance. That’s because many of these products are loaded with volatile compounds that can be harmful to your health. Indoor air quality testing often reveals the presence of benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and other harmful chemicals in the air that otherwise seems clean.

Ignoring Large Air Leaks

Air leaks in your home can cause a variety of problems. One big problem is a major reduction in energy efficiency. Another problem, though, is that when outdoor air comes inside, it brings with it different types of pollutants. That’s why the best type of air purification you can have is to simply avoid bringing in pollutants in the first place. By caulking, insulating, and sealing around large gaps and cracks, you can help your family breathe a little easier.

Indoor Air Experts

When working to improve your home’s indoor air quality, it’s best to have some help on your side. Instant Aire Heating & Cooling can help you with indoor air quality services to help you purify the air in your home. Together we can ensure that your family gets the clean air they deserve. Fill out our contact form today!

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