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AC ductwork Installation

The time it takes to install an AC system varies depending on different situations. It’s critical to estimate the amount of time your AC installation will take so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. The following factors help determine how long it will take to install your AC.

Type of Air Conditioning Unit

Installing a brand new, complete HVAC system might take longer to complete, as there are more components, ductwork, and wiring to set up. On the other hand, if you’re installing a more compact ductless mini-split system, the duration of the installation is considerably reduced.

Type of Installation

  • Full system installation

During a complete HVAC system installation, the technician does most of the work from scratch. It could either be a first-time installation or an AC replacement that requires redoing most work. Installing ductwork is the longest part of setting up an AC, so this type of installation may take a few days to complete.

  • Change out

When an AC repair in Glasgow, KY won’t suffice, your old AC unit might need to be replaced. But since most of the other parts of the HVAC system are still intact, this process is relatively easy and could take as little as a few hours to complete.

Size and Placement

A larger space requires a bigger AC system. In many cases, bigger homes often need more than one unit installed if a central unit is not preferred, which takes time and would require more frequent AC maintenance visits. Another thing to consider is where the AC unit will be installed. For example, installing it in the basement might take longer than installing it in an apartment with an open floor plan where all areas are easily accessible.


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