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Heat pumps come in various types, but for this blog’s purposes, your expert in HVAC repair in Glasgow, KY, Instant Aire Heating and Cooling will mostly be going over the workings of air-drawn heat pumps.

The Basics

It’s worth noting that an air-source heat pump does not generate heat. Instead, it transfers heat from somewhere else into the space that’s being heated. How our heat pumps repair experts explain it is that heat pumps absorb heat and redirect that warm air to where it is needed. A heat pump essentially puts your surrounding heat energy into contact with cooler environments, effectively heating it up.

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How do heat pumps enable a warm environment?

If it gets too cold and you need to turn up the heat, the reversing valve makes switching from cooling to warming mode possible. This mode works by making the outside air become the heating source. The indoor coil becomes the condenser while the outside coil becomes an evaporator, and the process is just reversed! This may sometimes refuse to work in ductless AC. We are ready to conduct a qualitative ductless AC repair for your comfort.

How do heat pumps enable a cool environment?

Heat pumps that cool your surroundings definitely sounds odd, but here’s the interesting way that it works. Refrigerant gets pumped into your indoor coil, which absorbs heat inside your house. This makes the air in your home ducts cooler. Since the refrigerant has absorbed sufficient heat, it turns into gas. This gas is pressurized by your compressor, which gets sent to the outdoor coil, which then starts the heat-exchange process with cool air from the outside. Once the pressurized gas starts to lose heat, it condenses back into liquid and gets pumped back into the expansion valve for de-pressurization.

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