How to Ensure Your AC is at Peak Condition All Year Round

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How to Ensure Your AC is at Peak Condition All Year Round

The life expectancy of an Air Conditioner greatly depends on how well you maintain it. If you want to keep these devices in their tip-top condition all year round, it’s a must that you stick to a regular maintenance routine.

Insta Aire, the most trusted name in AC repair in KY presents the following essential tips to ensure that your AC is in perfect condition all year round.

Changing the Filters Regularly

This is one of the basics of AC maintenance. Every air conditioner has a set of reusable air filter sheets located in the section of the indoor unit. However, air that passes through them automatically gets filtered to get rid of debris and other airborne impurities. Therefore, the air filters get clogged making it difficult for air to circulate hence the need to clean air filters periodically to eradicate blockage and enhance efficiency.

Cleaning the Coil

Every air conditioner has a unique condenser coil that cools gases. During cooling, dust, debris, and other airborne substances may accumulate in the condenser coil, ultimately hindering its performance. Since the coil is difficult to access, it is necessary to look for air conditioner services from professionals to reduce mechanical problems that may arise, damage your current unit beyond repair, and necessitate an untimely AC Installation procedure.

Emptying the Drain

Cleaning the drain is vital to an AC unit because condensation affects the coil’s efficiency. The main purpose of the evaporator drain is to harness the liquid water from the coil, making it possible to have algae and mold, which may eventually block the drain. Therefore, it is important to clean it to boost your AC’s efficiency. A plugged drain can also cause additional flooding making it necessary to look for qualified professionals to clear the drain line. An AC services and maintenance program is necessary to increase efficiency and minimize breakdowns.

Insta Aire is KY’s most trusted name for AC replacement, maintenance, and repair procedures. For more professional guidance on how to keep your AC working throughout the year, feel free to contact us today!

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