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Signs of AC Issues

Your air conditioner is essential in maintaining indoor comfort because it regulates your home’s temperature. Issues with it make your abode quite uncomfortable and even lead to health issues. Identifying warning signs that there is something wrong with your AC can save you costly repair services. Instant Aire Heating & Cooling, provider of premium AC services, enumerates some common signs of AC issues for you to watch out for.

Warm Air and Weak Airflow

If you notice your AC blowing warm air, it could mean that you have switched your thermostat to heating mode. You have to set your thermostat lower than the room temperature. Other causes of warm air coming from your vents include compressor issues or restricted airflow. You can schedule a routine maintenance check to prevent these issues or schedule an AC installation. Weak or insufficient flow usually results from clogged air filters or ductwork. Debris, dirt, and other such biological contaminants can clog your air ducts preventing proper airflow. Your AC could also have a broken motor leading to weak airflow. If the condition with your system is severe, you may need an AC replacement.

Unusual Noises and Odors

Typically, your AC makes a low-level noise while running. However, if you hear unusual and loud noises coming from your system, it can be a sign of an even bigger problem. Buzzing or rattling noises are usually a sign of loose internal components while grinding or whistling noises signify a broken fan.

You can also smell bad odors coming from your system. Bad odors are usually a sign of biological contaminants in your system. Proper AC maintenance checks can prevent some of these issues.

Water Leaks and Humidity

Water leaking from your AC is a serious sign that something is wrong that you need to address. Leakages can lead to water damage and high humidity levels. This can also encourage the growth of biological contaminants. A prompt air conditioner repair or a replacement can help to solve water leakage issues.

Instant Aire Heating & Cooling offers reliable AC services. So if you find yourself in need of an AC repair in Glasgow, KY, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment today!

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