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Air conditioners are an essential part of any Greensburg, KY home. And because air conditioning systems can be considered as investments, it’s crucial that they are at peak condition to provide optimal comfort. However, an AC system’s performance can be significantly affected by how well they were installed. Instant Aire Heating and Cooling, the name to trust when it comes to AC repair in Greensburg, KY, lists the issues that indicate improper AC installation.

Warm Spots

Your AC unit has one primary function: keeping your home cool and comfortable. When your air cooling system fails to do what it’s been designed to do and there are random warm spots around your home, there might be something wrong with how the AC installation process was carried out. Some signs that this is the case include:

An Incorrectly Positioned Thermostat

Your AC services provider should install the thermostat in an area unaffected by external temperatures. This is because a cold temperature will signal the thermostat that the room is already cold enough, preventing the mechanism from turning on the AC and actually cooling the space. Similarly, placing the thermostat where direct sunlight hits will signal your AC to remain powered on even during the colder months, consequently racking up your electricity bill.

When Your Indoor Duct Is Not Connected to The AC System the Right Way

Air leaks occur when the indoor duct is not correctly connected to the system during the installation. These air leaks will mean that your precious cold air will escape into cracks in the wall instead of reaching the open spaces in your home. This puts a strain on your cooling system and may even prompt an untimely AC replacement.

Noisy Operation

Loud or vibrating noises coming from your AC are another telling indicator that you have a faulty AC unit. These noises are usually generated from a faulty installation where parts are not properly bolted down or jointed. Issues like this can be detected early through regular AC maintenance visits.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems, contact Instant Aire Heating and Cooling so we can see how we can help.

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