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Tips on Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a huge issue for most homeowners in Kentucky. Common reasons behind poor air quality at home include VOCs, carbon monoxide, radon, airborne asbestos, and microbial growth. Additionally, your furry dog or cat might cause dander to proliferate in your home. All these can lead to poor air quality which is a leading cause of allergies and skin irritation. Our first-class indoor air quality services at Instant Aire Heating & Cooling can keep your house smelling fresh all year round.

Here are three insightful tips to ensure good indoor air quality for a fresh home.

Take Good Care of Your HVAC System

Aside from providing comfortable temperatures, your HVAC system helps reduce pollutants. You should, therefore, be a little more proactive when it comes to HVAC maintenance and repair. Professional inspection every season will boost your unit’s efficiency, ensuring healthy indoor air. If you’ve had your unit for more than 15 years, an upgrade will do a better job when cleaning your home’s atmosphere. Investing in an air purification system will maintain healthy air quality.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

The HVAC system’s air filters trap airborne pollutants. These filters slowly fill up and, therefore, become unable to collect more pollutants. Getting new air filters every season will minimize the number of pollutants in your space. Additionally, you can call in an HVAC professional to check and clean your system’s air ducts. If the ductwork is too old and damaged, you may need to buy a new indoor air quality system.

Identify the Pollutants In Your Home

As previously stated, several contaminants could lower the air quality in your house. Indoor air quality testing points out the major air pollutants circulating in your home. As such, you can conveniently put in measures to ensure a good-smelling environment. An air quality test will also establish possible carbon monoxide or radon leaks around your home.

Are you looking to enhance your indoor air quality in Elizabethtown, KY? Count on Instant Aire Heating & Cooling to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Get in touch with us by calling us or filling out the online form.

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