What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

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What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

If you’re concerned about the air that your family is breathing, a call to Instant Aire Heating and Cooling may be in order. We’re qualified to advise local property owners on improving their indoor air quality in Elizabethtown, KY, and the surrounding areas. We offer the following information on some of the leading culprits that can cause less-than-ideal indoor air conditions

Old Filters

Almost every heating and air system on the market comes with removable filters that should be changed regularly. These filters are designed to collect particulate matter and are the first line of defense of any indoor air quality system. Old filters are not only ineffective against dust and particles, they also take their toll on your HVAC systems, which now have to work harder than usual due to a compromised component.

Dusty Vents and Ductwork

HVAC ducts can harbor dirt, allergens, and even biological contaminants that are then transmitted into the home’s living area whenever the system is used. This fact makes some local property owners consider installing a ductless climate control system or adding air purification filters to their existing system.

Dirty Upholstery and Carpeting

Although this factor is sometimes overlooked during indoor air quality testing, the drapes, bedding, furniture covers, and carpets in a home have a considerable impact on its indoor environment. Poor housekeeping can lead to bad smells and diminished air quality, but this problem generally offers an easy fix.

Excess Indoor Moisture

An HVAC system that doesn’t effectively remove humidity might be contributing to indoor allergen growth and other moisture-related problems. Our professional indoor air quality services can help determine if poor indoor conditions are the source of a property’s poor air quality.

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If you’d like to find out how to optimize the indoor air quality at your property or you’re seeking information on best management practices for your existing HVAC system, contact Instant Aire Heating and Cooling today.

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