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What to Expect During an AC Repair Appointment

AC Repair is one of the most important aspects of keeping your home habitable. Ensuring AC units get promptly fixed is crucial in the event of breakdowns. For AC repair in Glasgow, KY, booking an appointment with a reliable local HVAC company is the first step.

If you are having AC issues, Contact Instant Aire for quick solutions. Once you book an appointment with us, here is what you can expect during the appointment.

Step One

The first thing our team will do once in your home is to conduct a thorough examination of the thermostat. Sometimes, a thermostat issue might make you think that the entire system is faulty. Once the service tech verifies that the thermostat settings are in order, they can determine whether you need a simple repair procedure or a full AC replacement.

Step Two

The next step is an examination of the circuit breaker. A simple on and off flip of the circuit breaker switch might save you repair or replacement costs. Our hands-on AC services can also help you realize that with a few simple steps, you can tell whether your AC needs fixing or not. 

Step Three

In the event that the two previous examinations don’t restore your air conditioning system, further examination of the AC system will need to be administered. Several tests may need to be done to establish the actual AC issue. While some AC issues are easy to tell from the onset, the service tech will run tests that might take up to one hour to properly examine the system. The AC diagnosis involves checking components such as the air filter, condenser, electronics, you will then need a new AC installation service.

You can avoid regular AC breakdowns by conducting regular AC maintenance. For trouble-free maintenance and repairs with air conditioning and heating systems in your home, reach out to us at Instant Aire today!

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