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Why Professional HVAC Installation Matters

Keeping a home livable whether in the summer heat or chilly weather is vital for your indoor comfort. HVAC systems with inconsistent or poor performance, however, can make this goal a bit more challenging to achieve. Not to mention that a malfunctioning unit can also lead to higher maintenance and operational costs such as costs incurred during a ductless AC repair. The optimal performance of an HVAC system depends on various factors, and proper installation by a professional is one of them.

Our experienced technicians here at Instant Aire Heating and Cooling have the knowledge and background to complete a proper installation while also offering effective HVAC repair in Elizabethtown, KY. To provide some insight on the importance of a well-installed HVAC system, here are some of the reasons why getting it done professionally is best.

Warranties Often Require It

Each HVAC system comes with a manufacturer warranty for free replacements or parts. While these terms vary in length per manufacturer, having a warranty is a good option especially if you’ve been needing frequent central AC repair.

Some warranties, however, have a clause requiring installation by a professional. DIY installation or even attempted fixes, like AC, or furnace can void the warranty and cancel any services rendered. This becomes particularly difficult if the system came with a defect, which is rare, but still a risk.

You’ll Get an Accurately Sized System

A correctly sized HVAC is definitely an important concern. Oversized systems spike temperature changes and end up turning off and on frequently, a condition called short-cycling, which impacts the system’s lifetime. Undersized systems, on the other hand, spend a lot of time trying to catch up, causing more system stress and leading to poor heating, humidity problems, more frequent visits for heating or heat pumps repair, and higher utility bills.

Knowledgeable professionals can correctly calculate heating and cooling loads and balance them with the specific needs of a home.

Properly Installed Ductwork

HVAC systems aren’t limited to just the AC or furnace. HVAC also consists of various other elements that make the system work, like thermostats and the involved task of ductwork. Leaks in the ducts and inadequate materials lose needed energy and risk less than satisfactory heating and cooling performance. Professional installers have experience with proper ductwork and establish a correct installation, reducing the need for furnace repair and other untimely repairs.

When it comes to reliable HVAC installation, Instant Aire Heating and Cooling is the company to trust. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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