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Indoor air quality refers to what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines as a determination of the overall quality of the air within your inside living environment. Many factors, from the level of airborne contaminants to what's going on health-wise with all household members, play a role in determining what the quality of your home's air is at any given time and how it's impacting anyone normally residing there. It is best to work with a trusted team to provide you with the best course of action to improve your indoor air quality in Greensburg, KY.

Common Causes of Indoor Air Problems

We offer air purification and indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement options that can address a wide range of IAQ issues. The common causes and contributing factors include

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    Cigarettes and other tobacco products

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    Fuel-burning combustion appliances

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    Dirty or clogged HVAC filers

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    Excessive indoor moisture

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    Contaminants from household cleaning products or other potentially toxic products that might be used indoors

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    Carpeting and certain building materials

Ways We Improve Indoor Air Quality

Given the many factors that can affect indoor air quality, we typically perform indoor air quality testing first. The results will give our trained local technicians a better idea of what solutions to recommend. In some situations, the "fix" may be as simple as upgrading to a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Changing or cleaning your HVAC filter can also be helpful if a dirty or clogged filter is what's likely compromising your indoor air.

Other times, however, you may benefit from having an indoor air quality system. This is a system or device that attaches to an existing furnace or cooling system in your home. It removes various impurities from your home's air in a more widespread way than what's possible with a single room air purifier.

Control the Pollutants

Keep in mind that there are also some things you can do yourself to control indoor pollutants, even once you have an IAQ system in place. Your trusted HVAC contractor will recommend controlling pollutant levels in your home by:

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    Not smoking indoors or allowing smoking inside

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    Cleaning your range hood so it's fully filtering out cooking odors and grease

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    Addressing any poor ventilation issues in your home – something we can also help with

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    Using a dehumidifier to help your HVAC system work more efficiently

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    Closing your windows on days when pollen counts are high if you have allergy issues

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    Changing your HVAC filter every 3 months or so

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