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Heat Pump

Make a smart investment in your home's comfort with Instant Aire Heating and Cooling. Through our expertise in heat pump installation in Elizabethtown, KY, and nearby areas as well as other heat pump-related services you may need, customer satisfaction is our top priority – and it has been since 2007.

These units are essentially used to heat and cool the house.  They are reminiscent of a standard central A/C unit; however, they must be capable of supplementing the heating duties of the furnace during the long cold months of fall and winter. Resembling a central A/C unit, a heat pump can work with an existing or new central furnace and your current ductwork can also be used.

Main Advantages of Heat Pumps

Our team of professionals will be there to offer you heat pump services that will surely satisfy your requirements while remaining on budget. Our experts will not force you to buy anything; they will determine your wants and needs and provide you with options so you can make the final decision. The role of our team is to make recommendations and give you professional advice. Maybe an air conditioner will satisfy your needs better or a specific pump will not the best for you; our specialists will highlight those options. Our indoor units are always sized to produce the appropriate volume of cooling throughout the long, hot summer months, so you will not be stuck with paying high utility bills. Pair this with our highly skilled installation team, and this gives you the ideal package.

Benefits of Preventative Heat Pump Service

A heat pump system can serve you well for, on average, 15 years or more. Get the most useful life out of your investment with our preventative service options. Being proactive with your heat pump also means you'll enjoy added efficiency and fewer urgent or unexpected repair needs.

A heat pump is designed to operate year-round and provide the type of comfort you need and prefer at any given time. However, there are certain problems that can affect any heat pump at one time or another. Consult our professional HVAC company when you notice:

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    Blowing cold air in heat mode

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    Odd sounds during operation

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    Failure to turn on

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    Infrequent or irregular cycling

Make the Most of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular heat pump maintenance allows our team to discover smaller issues and have them fixed sooner rather than later. Should we find a problem during a routine maintenance check, any necessary repair work is often less involved and more budget-pleasing. Regular maintenance also helps keep any warranty coverage you might have on your heat pump valid.

Q & A With Our Heat Pump Experts

Heat Pump Maintenance
Can I add a new thermostat to my heat pump?

Absolutely! Nonetheless, it's best to have one of our technicians do this since the new thermostat needs to be compatible with your heat pump system and wired correctly.

How often should I change my heat pump's filter?

During times of heavy usage, our HVAC company will recommend changing the filter at least once a month. When seasons are milder, every 2-3 months should be fine. Also, some heat pump systems have multiple filters, so make sure you're changing all of them as recommended.

What can I do about unusual odors?

If your heat pump is integrated with your existing heating system, having your ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year by an HVAC contractor can help minimize issues with unpleasant odors.

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Instant Aire Heating and Cooling is the team that you can trust to repair, maintain, or replace your heat pump. Contact our local team today for prompt, reliable service. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment in the following areas we serve:

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