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Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Outdated

Your air conditioning system works hard to keep your indoor comfort in optimal levels, especially during the hottest months of the year. Since the AC system is essential to any household or property it’s only fitting that it receives the necessary AC services so that it performs well up until, or even past, its intended service life.

But how do you know whether it’s time for a new AC? Instant Aire Heating & Cooling, the leading provider of quality AC repair in Glasgow, KY, helps assess if your system is outdated or simply needs a repair.

Your AC is Making Strange Noises

Every now and then your AC unit will make clicking, hissing, or screeching noises. While these sounds are usually just an indicator that your AC is operational, they might be a cause for concern if they persist despite regular AC maintenance. These noises can be a result of anything from a fan belt wearing down to the motor overheating, so it’s important that they are inspected.

Your AC Uses R-22 Refrigerant

The EPA has banned the R-22 refrigerant due to its detrimental effects to the ozone layer, so if your system still uses R22 refrigerant, a new AC installation is in order. Moreover, this particular refrigerant is no longer readily available in the market. This means that it will be more difficult and costly to maintain your outdated AC.

Your AC Needs Frequent Repairs

The most telling sign of an outdated AC is that repairs are needed at an increasing frequency. When the unit keeps malfunctioning, it gets more expensive to keep it running than it would be to buy a new model.

Your AC Is More Than A Decade Old

The standard air conditioning system is designed to last 10-15 years, but it’s smarter to get an AC replacement and get a newer model that’s designed to be energy efficient. Though the upfront cost for a new system may be high, your monthly energy bills will see a downward trend.

Instant Aire Heating & Cooling strives to make upgrading your AC as easy and stress-free as possible. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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